Digital Files and The True Value Of Wedding Photos

March 23, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

We have some very strong beliefs about wedding photography:

1. Wedding photos should be seen and be a daily reminder of your love for each other, a reminder of your wedding day, a reminder of your identity as a couple.

2. Wedding photos should NOT be held captive inside a computer, on a DVD, or a USB drive.

3. There will ALWAYS be an excuse to not have your wedding photos turned into something that you can see and touch, an album, a framed print, or a beautiful piece of art - you will always be busy, you will always have other things to spend money on, you will always have other priorities.

4. You SHOULD have digital copies of your wedding photos - but they should be just that, COPIES, digital negatives of the prints, albums, and wall art you have. 

Here are some facts about digital wedding photos:

  • Digital files stored on a CD or DVD have a limited shelf life. So do USB drives and media cards.
  • File formats created today are NOT guaranteed to be compatible with technology of the future.
  • Computers get lost, stolen, damaged - hard drives fail. 
  • Your photographer may NOT keep a copy of your digital files after they are delivered to you.
  • If YOU do not take proactive steps to ensure the safety of your digital files - you will lose them. Its just a matter of time.
  • You will need to have them backed up in a safe place forever.

We hear a lot of stories about digital files, some more severe than others. 

  • We have seen couples do NOTHING with their wedding photos for YEARS after their wedding. This saddens us. After a couple spends so much for their wedding, and hires a photographer, they wait anxiously to see the photos, only to receive them and put them in some dark place.
  • We have heard of clients that have had their homes burglarized. You know what was stolen? Their computer with their digital wedding photos on it. You know what was NOT stolen? Their wedding album and the wedding photos that were hanging on the wall.

We want to help you enjoy your wedding photos.The beautiful wedding albums we create for you are heirloom quality, and with reasonable care, will be here long after you.

We work with the best professional labs in the country to create amazing works of art from your photos. We will help guide you through the choices and options to get something that you and your family will enjoy. Every. Single. Day.

We will also provide guidance on how to protect those digital copies.

We understand that wedding albums, prints, and wall art can seem expensive when you buy them - but besides your wedding ring or a solid house, what else do you buy that is destined to last 100 years?

Thats what we believe. Tell us what you think.




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