Privacy Policy for Kevin Block Photography

Thank you for visiting our website.


General Privacy Policy Information for visitors and prospective clients

We have enabled Google Analytics and Bing Analytics for our site which provides a variety of demographic information as well as information on what pages are visited and so on. This information is not personally identifiable information, meaning we cannot identify you with this data. Google Analytics does provide us with city and country information, and some other basic demographic information available if you have enabled these features on your computer or phone.

You can opt out of these analytics by going to Google and downloading a browser plugin which will stop tracking by all sites using Google Analytics, likewise with Bing. You can also use private browsing features of most modern browsers.

Additional privacy information for our customers and registered users

If you have registered on our site, we capture the information you entered when you created your account. Minimally this includes your name and email address. If you made purchases from our site and had them shipped directly to you, then we have also captured and stored your shipping address as well. This information is only used to process your orders. We may also use this information to notify you of sales and specials on our site, if you have given us permission.

If you accessed our "Contact Me" page, we have captured your name and email address, and optionally your phone number (if you entered it), along with the other information you entered on the form. This information is stored so that we can get in contact with you as you requested.

We do NOT capture and store payment and credit card information - we process all of our payments through PayPal. When you make a purchase on our site, you are temporarily sent to PayPal to process your transaction, then are returned to our site. We do not see or store any payment information.

We don't sell or give away any of your information, and will only share your information when necessary to process orders you have made from our site for printed photographs and wall art, or other photo related items. In this case we only share information needed to ship and fulfill your order with our trusted lab partners and vendors. We do not share any other information about you, including payment information, etc.

If you have any questions or concerns, please send an email to us at [email protected]