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Adventures in New Mexico

October 30, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Cindy and I love New Mexico. We started making trips there about 7 years ago and fell in love with Taos, Santa Fe, and Albuquerque. It truly is the Land of Enchantment, and we were so enchanted, we got married in Taos last year. There is a magic there that is hard to explain, it just calls to us.

We got back for a week to celebrate our anniversary and relax a couple of weeks ago. Even relaxing, we were carrying cameras to capture or re-capture places and scenes that call to us. There are so many amazing places to photograph, but this trip I was a lot more selective on what I was looking to capture.

One of the things that amaze us every trip is the sky - when its clear, the sky is so blue it looks fake. I can spot the New Mexico sky when I see photos in magazines and advertising - I know it's New Mexico. But when the sky is cloudy or stormy it is truly special - especially for photographers. Unmatched sunsets and beautiful cloud formations that compliment the landscape - simply stunning. A beautiful place to get married!

Graveyards, Spiders, Haunted Hotels...Oh My!

I had photographed this old cemetery a few times, but never quite had the sky I wanted. When we left Santa Fe on our way to Taos, it was stormy and raining along the way. Perfect! The dark angry sky I was looking for! When we reached the cemetery, the sun was shining perfectly on the mountain with the dark sky behind it - just the way I pictured it in my mind. 

Old cemetery along Highway 64 near Embudo Station, on the way to Taos from Santa Fe.

Perfect timing around Halloween, fall is the time when the lonely male tarantulas wander around the high desert looking for a mate. If you are creeped out by giant spiders, well, you have to balance that with one of the most beautiful times of the year in northern New Mexico. You will see them crossing the roads out around Taos valley. This "little" guy was hanging around the back yard of the house we rented near Arroyo Seco, outside of Taos. The good news is they are generally too big to fit through small cracks around doors and windows, so you don't see them inside (that is what we kept telling ourselves).

We named him "Zippy" - We left each other alone.

o     o     o

We took a day trip out to the town of Cimarron, a town along the Santa Fe Trail. It was a rough place back in the day. The St. James Hotel was once described as the nicest hotel west of the Mississippi when Ciimarron was in its heyday. The St. James was a stop over for travelers on their way to Sante Fe, and boasts famous guests such as Jesse James, Wyatt Earp, Doc Holiday, and many other famous western legends. Oh, did I mention the place is haunted? Yep, the real deal. It has a few permanent guests. Google it! We might stay there next time we are in the area and feeling a little adventurous. Cindy grabbed this photo of the hotel.

The Haunted St. James Hotel, Cimarron, New Mexico.


Of course no Halloween would be complete without a cemetery. While in Cimarron, we stopped by the old cemetery. A little creepy we know, but old cemeteries have some great photo opportunities...and the residents usually don't mind - at least that is what Cindy said as she shot this one.


o     o     o

In Albuquerque, we were able to have brunch with our friend and wedding photographer, Talitha Tarro. We love Talitha's work, not only what she did for our own wedding, but we have been watching her work continue to amaze, as she grows and continues her journey as a photographer. She is a really nice person too! You can check out Talitha's work at

While in Taos, we had an opportunity to meet and spend a little time with a very talented Taos photographer, Lenny Foster. We have admired his work for a while, and seemed to have missed catching him on our last few trips, but caught him in his studio this trip. Lenny creates beautiful imagery, and his work is worth taking a look at. His Healing Hands series is compelling, and his landscapes and horses are very special, plus he is a really nice guy with a great soul. Check out his work in person at his gallery on Kit Carson Road in Taos, or on his website:

While wandering around Sante Fe, we met another talented photographer, Kat Livengood of Santa Fe. Cindy and I were captivated by her photographs of wild horses. You can check out her work at or visit her at the Dark Bird Gallery on Canyon Road.

o     o     o

Finally, we found this Dia de los Muertos diorama in Taos to add to our collection - a wedding photographer taking a picture of a bride and groom. It was the perfect momento of another great trip to New Mexico. Happy Halloween and Dia de los Muertos!

Thanks for checking out our blog! Now back to work...we have engagements and weddings to photograph!

Kevin & Cindy



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