Kevin Block Photography | Formal Family Wedding Photos - Do You Want Them?

Formal Family Wedding Photos - Do You Want Them?

January 30, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

In this post we wanted to share some thoughts about what is referred to as “formal” wedding photographs, or “formals”. Formal does not mean the photos can’t have elements of fun and creativity! These are typically the photos that occur after your wedding ceremony and include photos of the wedding party, Bride & Groom alone and with various family members (parents, grandparents, siblings, and so on).

Brides will often have a style in mind or say they want a photojournalistic or candid style of photographs for their wedding photos, but when it comes down to it, you will probably want to have a mix of formals and other styles.


Here’s a little secret - many of the wedding photos you might see in wedding photos, your friend’s wedding albums, on Pinterest, Facebook, or websites that look candid are actually carefully posed…to look candid. A good photographer doesn’t TAKE photos…they MAKE them.


The photographer you choose should be flexible and capable of creating the photos you want, though your photographer’s style should be present. You certainly may want to choose a photographer for their style of photography, but you may not want a photographer that is so rigid, that they tell you “they only do photojournalistic” or any one style. Your wedding photos are for you, not the photographer. So when choosing a photographer - communicate with them! Share your vision with them, and help them give you what you want.


If you check out a photographer’s work, and you don’t see some variety in their work, be sure to discuss your concerns with them - maybe you and your photographer are not a good fit…it happens. If every photo taken of your wedding is nearly exactly like all the rest, your wedding photos and your album are going to be really boring.


When we meet with our wedding clients, we really get to know them, and understand the photos that are going to be important to them. We talk about the makeup of the bride & groom’s families, who they want photos taken with, what combinations of family members together, what special family members and friends will be there. We capture that information and will have it handy on your wedding day, making every effort to not miss important photos. Things can get crazy on wedding day, so if someone important to you wonders off before we are able to get their photo, we will try and catch them later at the reception.


Another important reason to understand the family and wedding party photos wanted, is to help your wedding day flow smoothly with less stress! You will have enough on your mind :) It also helps us estimate how long you will need to allow for those photos to be taken after the ceremony and factor that into your wedding day schedule. We know there will always be last minute photos you want taken, and we will always check with you during your day to see if there is anyone you forget about that you want a photo with.


We look forward to working with you to create beautiful memories of your wedding.


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